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Guanxiong Chen

Fourth Year Computer Engineering Student at UBC.

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I am taking mostly computer-related courses, including: Software Construction (Java), Data Structures and Algorithms (C and C++), Microcomputers (Assembly), Digital Circuit Design (Verilog).

Recently I am volunteering at the UBC SPIN (Sensory Perception & Interaction) Research Group. Under Dr. Kianzad’s supervision, I am working on the project “Powerpen Localization with Embedded Camera & Watermarked Paper”. We aim to develop a circuit and an algorithm running on Raspberry Pi to localize a device on top of a surface.

I am also familiar with some fields of Electrical Engineering, and have taken courses about control theory (PID Control), signals and systems, electric machines, and analog circuits design.

Technical Experience

- Volunteering Student at SPIN (Sensory Perception & Interaction)

from September 2019 to present

Notable skills: research, embedded programming

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- USRA Research Student at ReSeSS (The Reliable, Secure, and Sustainable Software Lab)

from May 2019 to current at Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UBC

Notable skills: research, static analysis, Android

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- Digital Systems Design Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

from September to December 2018 at Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UBC

Highlights: teaching, SystemVerilog, unit testing

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- Communication System Developer

from September to December 2016 at UBC Orbit

Highlights: working in teams, radio, Arduino

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Personal Projects

- Personal Library Manager

Course project for CPSC 210: Software Construction

Highlights: Java, OOD, GUI

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- Pixel Transforming SoC

Course project for CPEN 311: Digital Systems Design

Highlights: SystemVerilog, System on Chip, Avalon Interface

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- Simple RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) Machine

Course project for CPEN 211: Intro to Microcomputers

Highlights: Verilog, RISC

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- 2-DOF PID-controlled Robotic Arm

Course project for ELEC 391: Electrical Engineering Design Studio

Highlights: PID, Matlab, Simulink, Arduino

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